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Psychotherapy and counseling
for adolescents and young adults

Our goal is to enable young people to feel comfortable in their own skin.

We offer psychotherapy and counseling in a safe, supportive and confidential space.


Our goal is to help adolescents and young adults with:

improving their relationship with themselves and their relationships with others,

improving their self-esteem,

discovering what makes them happy,

making use of their potential.


Psychotherapy process for adolescents and

young adults includes discourse as well as

various playful media

(music, drawing, role play) and dreamwork.

Our therapeutic approach is grounded in the principles of gestalt psychotherapy.

Gestalt psychotherapy offers an opportunity

to explore your emotions, sensations, and needs.

It emphasizes empathy, good contact with oneself and one's environment, authenticity,

personal responsibility

and self-nurturing.


:) individual psychotherapy

:) counseling

:) college choice and career counseling

:) parent counseling

:) individual and group courses

‘Learning how to learn’

Our services support adolescents and young adults (ages 14 to 27) and their parents.

Our office is located in Ljubljana, Bežigrad.

Our services are also available online.

We also provide our services in English.

Who can we help:

Our work focuses on coping with:

symptoms of depression,

anxiety and/or panic attacks,

symptoms of ADHD,

peer relationship difficulties,

anger management issues,

eating disorders,

self injury and self harm behavior.


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